Nelo Surfskis Naples

Paddlesports of Naples is very proud to offer the highest quality surf skis with the most modern technology. Nelo has been the world leader in the Sprint Racing scene for decades and have brought in Oscar Chalupsky, 12x Molokai Champion, to bring the same pedigree to the Surf Ski lineup. The attributes of increased stability and higher performance all while doing it in a smaller package offer paddlers an entirely new range of possibilities. See below to learn more about the Nelo Design and Construction along with our current model offering to see which Surf Ski is the right one for you. We are committed to going the distance with each paddler to find the perfect fit, weight, construction and style to best fit your paddling needs.

Nelo Surfskis Naples

Nelo 560 Surf SkiNelo 560 Surfski

Nelo 560m Surf SkiNelo 560M Surfski

Nelo 550 SurfskiNelo 550 Surfski

Nelo 520 Surf SkiNelo 520 Surfski

NELO 510 SurfskiNelo 510 Surfski

Nelo 600 Double SurfskiNelo 600 Tandem Surfski 

Nelo Surfski Construction

Nelo Surfskis are available in two composite layups and a Plastic (polyethylene) layup for the 510 model. See below to learn more about each.

The # 4 Layup
Carbon/Kevlar Epoxy Vacuum
This construction is designed for river descent, marathon training and sea kayaking. Its main characteristics are stiffness and impact resistance. This combination of fabrics offers a superb weight to durability ratio at an excellent price point.

The #7 Layup
Carbon Epoxy Vacuum
This construction allows Nelo to produce boats as solid as composites can be using the latest technologies. It has an extreme performance level due to its extreme stiffness. This full carbon layup offers extremely light weight builds with the utmost stiffness. These come in at a very competitive price range in comparison to other Elite skis.