Fiberglass Keel Strip

Adding a fiberglass keel strip (or Kevlar) is a great way to lengthen the life of your fiberglass or composite kayak. It reinforces the hull in the area most likely to wear down, particularly if you launch on rocky beaches, play in rocky areas and just for the day to day sand abrasion from pulling up on a shore line. It also adds a great look to your kayak. Choose anything from the standard white or black to any funky color you can come up with. See below for pricing details and color and material options.

Kayak Keel Strip

Fiberglass Keel Strip Options:

Fiberglass Keel Strip (White or Black) $250

Fiberglass Keel Strip (Custom Colored) $275

Kevlar® Keel Strip Options:

Kevlar Keel Strip (White or Black) $300

Kevlar Keel Strip (Custom Colored) $325*

Paddlesports of Naples uses only premium materials for service and repair work using 10 oz Fiberglass Tape as well as 5 oz DuPont Kevlar® fabric. We also use only top shelf resins for long lifespan of repairs and for the best strength and adhesion properties.

*Clear Gel Coat is available for a “see thru” look on Kevlar® Keel strips. This is still strong but does not offer as much UV protection as a Gel Coat with pigment. If you are looking for this option please add another $25 to the cost for the added time for the clear to come out well.