Stellar S16 KayakStellar S16 Kayak

The Stellar S16 Kayak was designed for speed and stability for long distance tours. They added a moderate concavity along the keel of the bow and stern to help with tracking in rough conditions. For windy days and following seas, a drop-down rudder off the stern will help keep your course. Higher decks allow for a dryer paddle in rough conditions and a large stern and medium bow compartment provide ample storage for your longer tours.

Length: 16.3″ / 4.95 m
Beam: 22.1″ / 56.2 cm
Depth: 12.0″ / 30.4 cm
Paddler: 5′ – 6’6″ / 1.5m-2m
Capacity: 365 lbs / 165 kg

Stellar S16 Kayak

Advantage Layup
37.5 lbs / 17kg
Great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. Gelcoat finished heat cured infused epoxy Fiberglass and Soric® core laminate is very tough and resists against punctures. A great race boat on a tight budget. The Advantage hits the mark for price to weight ratio for most kayak paddlers.

Excel Layup
35.3 lbs / 16kg
Very stiff and light, yet more affordable than the Ultra. Kevlar® adds impact strength to the laminate – Gelcoat finished heat cured epoxy Kevlar® and Fiberglass laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core. Great for racing, or those looking for a light boat, but not ideal for shallow water paddling.

Ultra Layup
 34.2 lbs / 15.5kg
Price: $5,195
Description: Extremely stiff and light – The ultimate paddling machine that is also easy to move off of the water. Clear finished, heat cured epoxy woven Toray 3k Carbon Fiber laminate with Nomex® Honeycomb Core.