Plastic Kayak Repair

Plastic kayaks of all kinds need love too and Paddlesports of Naples caters to kayaks like these as well.  Many people try using sealants or adhesives to fix plastic kayaks with cracks or holes. The truth is, there is virtually nothing that will permanently stick to a plastic kayak in the water. Plastic Welding as well as hole patching is the only permanent way to get you plastic boat back on the water. You can generally tell cosmetically a repair has been made but effort to get close to the original color is made and the structure of the repair is sound. It is tough to guarantee repairs under the waterline but we generally still have a good success ratio there as well. Plastic welding injectors in addition to blow torches are often used for this process. There is a fine line in plastic welding between getting your bond and creating a cavern. Novice plastic welding or DIY blow-torching at home is not recommended.

Plastic Kayak Repair service runs $55/hour plus materials (if any). 

Here are some types of plastic that we are able to work with:

Polyethylene, most plastic kayaks are made out of this and are the easiest to weld.

Trylon (ABS), often found in Ultra Lite kayaks such as Eddyline or Hurricane Kayaks. This is slightly harder to weld but able to take a composite fiberglass repair.