Paddlesports of Naples

Here at Paddlesports of Naples we are committed to providing the best gear in multiple spectra of paddling.   We carry both Greenland Style and Wing Paddles with demo models of each. Our Greenland paddles are made by a local shaper and sold exclusively through us. The Wing paddles are the highest quality and best selling Braca Sport full carbon fiber Surf Ski paddles. Click on one of the pages below to take you to more information on either style.


Greenland PaddlesCustom Greenland Paddles

Available in either Western Red Cedar or Paulownia for ultra light enthusiasts. Our Greenland style paddles are offered in both Shouldered and Shoulderless designs with the ability to do custom color dyes, various tip styles and the will to get YOUR paddle made exactly how you want it. Not sure exactly what you need, speak with Jay to get spec’d or schedule a demo to try one out.


BRACASPORT Paddles NaplesBraca Sport Wing Paddles

BRAČA-SPORT® mission and philosophy is to design, develop and produce the best performing paddle for every paddler. They believe that each paddler has different needs and therefore each paddle should be uniquely designed. Different designs work better for different paddlers and environments. Their goal is to continue research, development and creation of a diverse range of products that satisfy the vast variety of paddlers. Bracasport® the only manufacturer to engineer paddles in every paddling category: Canoe Polo, Dragon Boat, Flatwater, Freestyle, Marathon, Ocean Racing, Outrigger, Slalom, Touring, Waveski and Wildwater.

Braca Sport Wing Paddles

Bracasport® paddles have been designed using the latest technology available, inspired by the comments and in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful paddlers and coaches. They invented the revolutionary ‘tear-drop’ blade concept that redefined paddle performance and is now being copied by other manufacturers. This has become the ‘de facto’ blade in the paddling community and the world’s only mechanical energy paddle concept. Bracasport® is the only manufacturer to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and paddles. This provides the ability to produce a very specific and fine grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabric layers in contrast to what is available in the market. The diverse range of specific and fine grain materials is the key improvement enabler of the paddle’s performance characteristics.

Together with proprietary multi-layer and multi-characteristic lay-up methods of a proprietary blend of composite fibers and a reinforced proprietary UV epoxy resin provides the ultimate mechanical and kinetic capabilities. This enables desired catch, slip, pull-through, flutter and acceleration of the paddle and guarantees these characteristics for every paddle produced, yielding the world acclaimed mechanical energy “BRAČA-SPORT®” paddle.