Greenland Paddling Lesson

Enter the wonderful world of Greenland style paddling or Traditional Skills. A variety of different style paddles, braces, strokes and techniques are covered as well as an efficient forward stroke. Start your class learning about the variety of Inuit Style paddles that are out there with multiple Greenlandic and Aleut style blades. After, progress through the variations from Euro Blade strokes done with Greenland paddles and develop a good grasp of sculling. Techniques such as side sculling and chest sculling are covered as well as learning the balance or static brace.

Greenland Paddling Naples

Things to know for the class:
Your class will be taught by an ACA Certified Level 3 Instructor with a Traditional Skills Endorsement and years of Greenland paddling experience. Students should plan on bringing a snack as well as a few liters of water for the course. The weather in Naples, Florida is generally warm and sunny most days of the year. Cold fronts do move through throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring and heavy rain with wind rolls through in Summer storms. Dress for immersion and plan to have adequate sun-protection including a hat and sunglasses.

Equipment required for the class:
A touring or sea kayak with bulkheads or floatbags is required as well as a spray skirt, PFD and Greenland or Aleutian style paddle. Additionally, you will need a Paddle Float, preferably inflatable. Anything you do not have can be provided for you with advanced notice.

Introduction to Greenland Paddling Lesson – 1.5 to 2 Hours – $70 per person