Wing Paddles

Wing Paddles

Paddlesports of Naples is proud to provide the world’s most technologically advanced Wing Paddles from the company that started it all, BracaSport®. Feel the difference with the world’s best selling paddles that are found in just about every major Sprint and Ocean racing athlete’s hands anywhere. Bracasport® paddles have been designed using the latest technology available, inspired by the comments and in collaboration with some of the world’s most successful paddlers and coaches. They invented the revolutionary ‘tear-drop’ blade concept that redefined paddle performance and is now being copied by other manufacturers. This has become the ‘de facto’ blade in the paddling community and the world’s only mechanical energy paddle concept. Bracasport® is the only manufacturer to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and paddles. This provides the ability to produce a very specific and fine grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabric layers in contrast to what is available in the market. The diverse range of specific and fine grain materials is the key improvement enabler of the paddle’s performance characteristics.


Braca Kayak Adjustment System II

All Brača paddles are available with an Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 10cm range) and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.


See below for current Surf Ski style blades we are stocking:

The Bracasport® IV – $515
Braca iv paddle

Brača IV is the original world’s first ‘tear-drop’ design and our most widely used paddle. The paddles are designed to facilitate application of power in the beginning (catch) and in the middle of the stroke, enabling capabilities to obtain the “ultimate” forward stroke.

The Bracasport® XI – $515
braca xi

Brača XI Van Dusen ’92 is the newest addition to the Brača-Sport paddle line. It was originally designed by Ted Van Dusen in 1992 after three years of development and testing. Due to the high demand, Brača-Sport added this special shaped blade to the product line by purchasing a licence from Ted in 2014.

The blade has a special twisted tear-drop shape which facilitates a powerful catch and clean exit. It’s movement through the water is different from other Brača-Sport blades, therefore it requires a slightly different paddling technique.


The BRAČA-SPORT® Advantage:

Full service company:  UNICARBON® , a division of BRAČA-SPORT®,  develops, manufactures and markets ultra light high performance unidirectional dry and pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fabrics, used by manufacturers of advanced Automotive, Ultralight Aircraft, Construction, Energy, Marine, Sports and Recreation applications and products.   Broad in house engineering and manufacturing talent allows Braca to continually innovate to provide the highest quality and performance paddles – most recently the Extra Light and Surfski Blades and 19K surfski shafts.  BRAČA-SPORT®  is proud to develop, manufacture and market all products from their facilities in Lithuania and Hungary.

High Performance:  BRAČA-SPORT® has a long tradition of winning, consistently being the paddle of choice for top Olympians, World Champions and Elite paddlers around the world.  In 2016 BRAČA-SPORT® continued to be an Official Service Company of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, bringing home the most medals of any paddle supplier.

Weight: In the past Braca paddles were often considered heavy vs the some of the competition.  While not an issue for sprinting, lighter weights are obviously advantageous in longer distance events or training.   Blades stocked are primarily the new “Extra Light” blades which are some of the lightest, strongest blades in the industry.  Weights are consistently lower then the other mainstream paddle competitors.  Contact us for more exact weights on your configuration.

Durability: All Carbon – no carbon/foam sandwich.  The Extra Light and SurfSki blades are made from solid carbon, with the Surfski blades built with slightly more carbon reinforcement to deal with very large surf conditions.  While over time your blade may get scratch or even a slight chip from striking a rock, it will hold up much better then any of the sandwich constructions. Optional Kevlar reinforced tips can be ordered for the adventure class paddler for extreme down river conditions.

Adjust-ability: New locker – all metal construction.  Very secure, easy to adjust.  No slipping or chance of breaking like a plastic locker.  Surfski Shafts, “19K” come standard with adjustment range of 10cm,  all other shafts with 5cm.